Community / 6 January 2020

“How Is It Free?” or, How BandLab for Education’s Pricing Works.

When we tell people that BandLab for Education is free to use with no hidden costs or subscriptions, the first question we usually get is: “But how?”

We’ve got answers for you below!

BandLab and BandLab for Education were built on the idea that music-making should be for everyone.

Keeping our technology free is a core part of our mission. We’re believe that when more young people we can engage in music creation, the more everyone can benefit in the long-run.

Delivering high quality technology solutions in the classroom is a big part of that effort to be more inclusive, and tear down barriers of access to creativity.

(FYI, the public version of BandLab has over 12 million registered users in 190+ countries as of Jan 2020, so we’re clearly not the only ones who think so!) 

BandLab for Education’s part of the larger BandLab Technologies family. 

BandLab for Education is part of a broader music tech group that manufactures and sells products like the BandLab Link Series, Harmony Guitars, Teisco Pedals, MONO Cases and more.

You can find out more about the BandLab Technologies family here. Having revenue streams across our different businesses means we’re better placed to sustain free tech, keeping it open and accessible to everyone.

Did you know that Cakewalk by BandLab is now free as well? You might want to check that out as a more advanced audio production tool! 

Surely there’s a catch somewhere!

We knew you’d ask. You can check our terms and conditions of use for full details, but the short version is that we don’t sell your data on to any third parties or advertise to your students.

The closest comparison might be Google Classrooms – which by the way we’re integrating with – and how they provide free classroom tools for educational purposes.

The future of music production and all careers will require integration with digital tools, so why not get your students started with a platform that’s free, accessible, and fun to use? Give it a try on today and let us know on if you have any questions or concerns.

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